Review of Sunkist Crunchy Fuji Apple Fruit Chips

I had to stop by Wal-mart this morning before going into the office and, after grabbing a Jimmy Dean Simple Scramble to take with me for breakfast, I passed through the produce section and saw this product. I figured I should have something somewhat healthy to snack on and picked up a bag.

I actually ended up forgetting about it at first and only remembered it this afternoon when, conveniently, I was starting to get a bit hungry. After having these, I have to say I was impressed.

One of the things I found attractive about this product was it didn't have any added sugar. I've had several similar products that have added sugar to their chips and those were always way too sweet for me. This brand of apple chips, however, had a nice, natural, sweetness to them that made them enjoyable without causing my taste buds to be overwhelmed.

Another thing I found I liked about these chips is the crispness. I've had some chips that were too hard and others that were rubbery. These fell nicely in the middle. There was a bit of a crunch but I didn't feel as though I was breaking my teeth on them. This was definitely something I appreciated.

Final Opinion: This was a decent snack choice that I did enjoy. I don't know if I would buy it for myself on a regular basis but will likely pick up another bag so I can put some of these chips in my daughters' school lunches.

My Grade: A


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