I'm Pretty Sure I Missed that Chapter in the Parenting Books...

The one that talks about how exhausting a child's extra curricular activities can be.

My oldest daughter had her annual ice show this weekend (four 3-hour long shows in 3 days) and, while fun, it was a lot of work. As I joked with one of the other parents as we put away tables after the last show yesterday, my daughter is the figure skater but I was getting as much exercise as her.

The show, Rapunzel's Story, did prove to be a big hit. There were some snags early on, such as the music cutting out at inopportune times (though, to their credit, the skaters kept skating as though it was still playing), a few other minor malfunctions and competition from prom, but we pulled together and made it work.

I think the most memorable thing for me had to be my daughter's unintentional comic relief during the Saturday night show. She was supposed to sneak out during a scene change and hide out of sight until she made a surprise appearance a couple scenes later. They forgot to call her on time though and she had to sneak out, with the lights on, during one of the other performances.

As she was crawling along the wall, trying to remain inconspicuous, she slipped, wiped out and crashed into the boards with a loud thud. She didn't get hurt. But, just about everyone heard the boards rattling (I heard it all the way over by the flower table) and several audience members stood up trying to figure out what the crash was. In addition, some of the skaters on the other side of the ice from her, witnessing her crash, were trying very hard (and failing) not to laugh while one of the stars forgot she was supposed to be trying to break out of a prison cell.

In all, it was one of those hilarious moments that make things like this memorable, especially since she was playing a mime, something you would normally associate with silence. I'm sure we'll laughing about that one for a while.


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