Some Scary Things Happening Here in Beaver Dam

A couple days ago, there was an explosion at one of our local apartment buildings. The first reaction was it was either accidental or maybe someone attempting to make meth. However, it turns out it was much worse. The person who set off the explosion (and died in the process) was apparently trying to make bombs.

This isn't a large town, only about 16,000 people, so that's honestly not something I would expect to hear. Still no word about what his intentions were, but based on what he had in that apartment, it sounds like he had the potential to do some real harm and I can't help but wonder what he would have done had he not accidentally killed himself.

In fact, it was so bad, the emergency crews couldn't even remove the explosive materials. They had to conduct a controlled explosion today instead. You can see the video here:

There are a lot of people who are currently homeless right now because of this so please keep them in your prayers, especially those who were living next door to this and probably lost some of their personal belongings as a result of this controlled explosion.


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