Review of New York Bakery Bake & Break Garlic Bread

I decided to make some pasta for dinner tonight and picked up a loaf of garlic bread to go with it. I saw this particular bread in the freezer section and thought it looked somewhat different. Since it wasn't any more expensive than the other garlic bread choices, I decided to give it a try. After having it, I'm not sure it was a good choice.

There wasn't anything, in particular, that was necessarily bad about this product. I thought the bread had a good taste and everyone in the family seemed to like it. It's just, other than the fact you were able to break it apart, there wasn't anything special about it. And, that bake & break was a bit overrated in my opinion.

First of all, as I was reminded of tonight, bread is pretty darn hot when it comes out of the oven. So, breaking it apart right after that is something you have to do at your own risk (unless you really want to wait for it to cool down first).

I also found the bread isn't completely break & bake. The top portion was pre-sliced that way. The bottom half was still one solid piece that either needed to be cut or ripped apart. As a result, I thought the package was a little misleading.

Oh, and if you do purchase this product, pay close attention to the instructions, especially the one about removing the paper in between the two halves before baking it. Since they instructions were printed in very small print and had a crease down the middle of them, I almost missed that one.

Final Opinion: As I said, it wasn't bad garlic bread, it's just the break & bake was a bit overrated and even somewhat misleading and there really isn't anything special about it as a result of that.

My Grade: C


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