Another Weekend, Another Skating Competition

We have a full day planned tomorrow. My daughter has a skating competition down in McFarland, WI and we are pretty much planning on spending the whole day there.

Her first event is around 10:30, meaning we have to be there at least an hour earlier than that. Her final even isn't until almost 4. There's a pretty big gap in between so I might drive over to Costco for lunch and to do some shopping.

This will be her final competition until May. Ice show rehearsals start next week so I'm going to let her concentrate on that. She'll still have one 30-minute session per week with her coach so she can keep her programs memorized and practice for her next US Figure Skating test session.

That doesn't mean my wife and I will get a break, however. Our other daughter has two dance competitions coming up, one this month and one next month.


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