I Had a Strange Experience Yesterday Afternoon

Even though I got picked on a bit because of this, I figured I would share it because it was a bit bizarre and I'm confident I didn't imagine it.

I was at the office yesterday, sitting at my desk and, out of nowhere, I had a puff of smoke in my face.

I have no idea what it was. It came from behind me, as though someone were standing back there smoking a cigarette. But, I couldn't find the source of the smoke and didn't see any time before or after that.

At first, I thought maybe I was imagining it or there was a smoke-like stain on my glasses that was giving me an illusion. However, in addition to seeing it, I could smell it too and it burned my nose the same way it burns when I accidentally inhale smoke while grilling. Because of that, I'm positive it was really there.

It was a little unnerving, to be honest, and I spent most of the afternoon trying to find the cause. I even attempted to do a video feedback on the security camera but that turned out to be password protected with the default password that nobody ever bothered to learn. That might not be such a bad thing though. No telling what I might see standing behind me.


  1. Oh wowzers! That is really weird! Hope it doesn't happen again!


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