My New Car Experienced Its First Mechanical Issue

One of the main reasons I choose to lease a new car rather than buy a pre-owned (more affordable) one is I simply do not trust cars enough to feel comfortable having one without a warranty.

Today, that decision paid off for me because the 2017 Chevy Cruze I leased just a few months ago had its first mechanical problem.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised by this. My "check engine" light came on while my wife and I were at Costco on Saturday and I just figured I didn't get the gas cap tight enough the last time I filled it. The fact the car seemed to be running just fine supported that theory.

However, the light stayed on and I ended up taking it to the dealer today. Two hours later, the check engine light is off and the car has a new oxygen sensor.

The fact that sensor already needed to be replaced (the car only has 3500 miles on it) is something I'm definitely going to be taking note of. It might just be a fluke. But, it might also be a sign of more issues to come.


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