Movie Review: Mimic 2 (2001)

Synopsis: Four years after the Judas bugs were believed to have been destroyed, four men are found mutilated in New York. Their only connection is entomologist/school teacher Remy Panos, who becomes the police department's primary suspect. However, the real killer is a surviving Judas bug that intends to mate with her.

Who's in it? The movie stars Alix Koromzay, Bruno Campos, Will Estes, Jim O'Heir and Jon Polito.

Review: Even though I ended up liking the first film more than I was expecting, I did have quite a few doubts about the sequel. However, I ended up recording it anyway and my wife and I watched it yesterday afternoon. As it turns out, I was right to be skeptical.

Normally, a sequel has a halfway decent premise but poor execution, largely from a less talented cast. I honestly can't say that about this movie, everything about it was just plain bad.

In fact, I think the overall premise of the film was its biggest weakness. A giant bug stalking one of the researchers that helped create it would be one thing. Having that bug apparently be sexually attracted to that researcher, to the point it is eliminating the competition, is just a bit much. Even if I actually believed the bug could successfully reproduce by mating with a human (apparently by tricking them with a slice of pizza), I still would have a hard time believing the bug was only attracted to Remy (Koromzay). Why? Is she the only woman in New York City?

The movie also wasn't helped by a pretty weak script. I think the low point had to be when they were trapped in the school with a giant man-killing bug on the other side of the wall and one of Remy's former students (Estes) used it as an opportunity to feel her up. That was just bad.

I also wasn't a big fan of the ending, which was way too predictable and kind of dumb (how are they trapped in the apartment? There's a fire escape outside their window). But, by that point, I think I was pretty much happy just to see it come to an end

Final Opinion: This sequel is one that gives sequels a bad reputation. I definitely regret taking the time to watch it.

My Grade: D


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