Movie Review: Get Out (2017)

Synopsis: When a black man visits his white girlfriend's family, he discovers her parents and other family members are much more accepting of him than he expected. However, when every other black person he encounters behaves strangely, he begins to suspect he may be in danger.

Who's in it? The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford and Betty Gabriel.

Review: Even though I had heard of this movie, I honestly didn't fully understand what it was. As a result, when I got the DVD through Netflix, I wasn't sure if it was a horror film, comedy or something else. After watching it last night, I have to say it fell into that "something else" category and it was a much better movie than I was expecting.

The film actually reminded me a lot of the film The Stepford Wives. Only, instead of wives acting strangely, it was anyone of a certain skin color. And, I have to admit, the film was intriguing as a result.

One thing that really surprised me about this film is it wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be. While the black people were acting weird, the reasons behind it weren't as clear as I originally thought. The family he was staying with didn't seem racist.

In fact, when their black housekeeper (Gabriel) made a mistake, the only thing they did was send her to her room to rest. As a result, my first theory (they were re-programming them to make modern-day slaves) didn't make much sense.

I was also unsure about just how much his girlfriend (Williams) was involved. I found it hard to believe she wouldn't know what her family was up to. But, at the same time, she seemed almost as confused as he was. It made me wonder if maybe she was unwittingly involved, with her memory being wiped, via hypnotism, by her mother (Keener). The end result was she was a wild card that could either end up helping him or betraying him at any moment.

Final Opinion: While I don't think it was scary enough to be considered a horror film (as it is classified on, it was an interesting movie with a pretty compelling mystery. I would recommend the movie as a result.

My Grade: A


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