Just a Little Skating Update

I didn't get an opportunity to post anything last night because we were at the rink until pretty late. However, my oldest daughter had her ice show audition as planned and did really well.

She was the fourth skater on the ice and, despite some nerves and a case of the stumbles during warm up, put in a solid performance. Her program wasn't flawless. But, she was the first (and one of very few for the night) skater to be told she didn't need to re-do any moves afterwards.

We'll have to wait at least a couple weeks to find out if she got any sort of featured part in the show. At this point, I think she has a chance but, at the same time, she's still a little bit of a long shot because there is a built-in pecking order with the older skaters (rightfully) getting an edge as well as (even though nobody admits it) skaters who have parents with deep pockets.


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