Final Thoughts From the Kindred Spirits Episode "Don't Go Into the Attic"

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a home after the family reports spiritual activity that started shortly after they opened up a previously-sealed attic. The episode first aired January 1, 2018.


1. As is the case with many shows of this nature, there were some things that were explained as paranormal that probably had other, legitimate explanations. The lamp that turned off and on by itself, for example, could have had a short in it. And, more importantly, the report of a knife "flying" from the attic when it was opened up sounds a bit exaggerated (it probably just fell out of the attic).

2. I try, but I just can't accept the digital stick figures on their full spectrum camera as real evidence. Sure, the dots look like people. But, I only see the dots. I don't see the shadow figures they are supposed to be pointing out. I've honestly seen more convincing evidence on Polaroid photos.

3. I will admit, the voice recordings they captured were a little more believable. I could actually hear what the voices were saying this time. I didn't need to be told (as has been the case with other episodes). While those, alone, weren't enough to convince me the place was haunted, it was a start.

4. Of course, I think I would prefer that kind of evidence more if it were obtained prior to learning about who lived in the house or names of deceased family members. In other words, hearing a ghost answer with the name "Mike" is a little more believable if Amy and Adam weren't told, in advance, there was a family member named Mike.

5. I also thought it was a little odd Amy and Adam began discussing the mold in the attic before learning that was a problem. It makes me wonder if they knew the outcome of the investigation prior to filming that scene and staged the conversation to bring additional attention to that evidence.

Final Opinion: It wasn't a terrible episode. But, there were parts of this that seemed a bit staged and, because of that, I just wasn't convinced their evidence of spiritual activity was legit.

My Grade: C


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