Review of Red Robin Seasoned Steak Fries

Mostly because I figured it would be something everyone in the family would eat, I decided to run to the store yesterday evening and pick up fish sticks for dinner. While I was there, I realized I needed something to go with the fish sticks and ultimately stayed in the freezer section and purchased this product.

My primary reason for this purchase was price. The frozen Red Robin brand was on sale for $2.89 and, while I had some doubts about the fries being anything special, it was enough of a savings to justify giving them a try. As it turns out, it ended up being a good purchase.

I have purchased similar products from different restaurant brands in the past and, more often than not, the frozen equivalent isn't as good as what I would get in the restaurant. That was pretty much the case this time too, the fries were obviously frozen rather than fresh-made. But, when compared to other frozen fries, they did exceed expectations.

Since I was baking the fish sticks, I decided to make the fries in the oven as well. They came out the way I prefer my fries, crispy without being too hard/crunchy. Considering, most of the time, fries come out of the oven way too soft, this was definitely and upgrade.

I was also very impressed with the seasoning on these fries. Usually, when fries advertise themselves as being seasoned, it is their way of saying there is a lot of salt on them. These fries, however, had a good blend of seasonings on them and everyone in the house enjoyed the flavor. Even our youngest daughter (who usually doesn't eat many fries) finished what was on her plate. That, in itself, made this product worth the money.

Final Opinion: It's a frozen brand and does have some limitations as a result. However, these fries exceeded my expectations and I would buy this brand again.

My Grade: A


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