Review of Kwik Trip Kitchen Cravings Chicken & Dumpling Soup

I had to run some errands at lunch today and didn't have a chance to eat all that much as a result. Because of that, I ended up going to Kwik Trip about an hour later so I could get something to help me get through the rest of my day.

After yesterday's disappointment with their chili soup, I decided to stick with something more classic and filled my cup with their Kitchen Cravings Chicken & Dumpling variety instead. This, as it turns out, ended up being a good choice.

The soup had a good flavor to it, it wasn't bland like yesterday's choice and had just enough seasonings in it to give it a good, comforting taste.

I also liked how thick and chunky this soup was, with plenty of vegetables in it, an acceptable quantity of chicken and plenty of dumplings. I ended up adding crackers to it out of habit. But, I would have enjoyed it with or without those.

In fact, the soup didn't last me very long once I got it back to my desk. This is unusual for me, normally I'll take my time eating soup and sometimes even have to warm it back up in the microwave. This time, the 16-ounce cup was empty in only a matter of minutes because I enjoyed it so much.

Final Opinion: This is definitely one of my favorite soups from the Kwik Trip Kitchen Cravings brand and one I would consider purchasing again.

My Grade: A


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