Review of Kirkland Signature Fresh Chicken Drumsticks

I am a Costco member and there are quite a few things at that store that I will make the 30-minute drive just to purchase. Their meat section, however, really isn't included in that statement, mostly because I can usually find better prices (by shopping on the right day) at our local stores.

The one exception to that is this product, which I have now purchased (in bulk) on a couple separate occasions for a little less than $2 per pound.

We actually go through a lot of chicken drumsticks in our house (they are an easy-to-prepare meat on days when I need to use our slow cooker) and made this purchase because we saw a benefit in stocking up. We continue to buy this product because the chicken drumsticks are well worth that money.

To tell you the truth, the price on this product really isn't the main selling point for me. I can actually find fresh chicken drumsticks locally for around the same price. However, the Kirkland Signature brand does score some extra points with me because the quality is a lot better than what I have been able to find locally.

One of the biggest differences between this brand and my other choices is the amount of meat on the drumsticks. The ones I buy at our local grocery stores are the same price but are also considerably smaller in size and not as filling. The drumsticks from this brand are decent-sized and are much more likely to provide everyone with enough to eat.

I also think the overall quality exceeds what I can buy at the grocery store. The meat isn't stringy and, unlike many other choices, I have yet to find feathers still attached to the legs (something that always causes me to lose my appetite a bit).

Even the package size is a good fit for us. One package is just enough to fit in our slow cooker and feed us. I don't need to deal with separating some of chicken drumsticks into separate freezer bags for a later use. And, as hectic as it can get in our house some days, that is a nice convenience.

Final Opinion: The only negative is I do have to drive about 30 minutes in order to purchase this product. But, as long as I'm doing other shopping anyway, I do think it is worth that drive.

My Grade: A


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