Movie Review: The Demented (2013)

Synopsis: Six college friends intend on spending a romantic weekend in a remote home in Louisiana. However, their plans are disrupted by a terrorist attack that results in them trying to escape from a hoard of zombies.

Who's in it? The movie stars Kayla Ewell, Richard Kohnke, Brittney Barlow, Sarah Butler, Ashlee Brian and Michael Welch.

Review: I came across this movie a couple nights ago and, figuring my wife and I would have time to watch some movies this week, decided to record it. We ended up finishing it last night and, overall, I thought it was an OK choice.

I think the thing I found I liked about this movie is the plot was simple. Zombie movies are all about survival and many films in this genre seem to forget that and get bogged down with complex plots. This movie stuck with the basics. We were introduced to the main characters, the terrorists strike and, within hours, they are running for their lives.

The zombies themselves were also fun to watch because they weren't the usual slow-moving, dumb creatures many films have. Instead, they moved really fast and weren't stopped (at least not for long) by things like doors or stairs. This kept the heroes on their toes throughout.

I should take a moment to mention this movie isn't perfect. For one, the female characters don't seem to do much more than scream and panic. Plus, as my wife was quick to point out, there were plenty of abandoned cars littering the streets but, rather than at least attempt to take one of those, they inexplicably choose to walk throughout most of the movie, even though one of their own has an injured leg.

I also found I was not a big fan of the ending, both because it didn't make a whole lot of sense and because it involved a military helicopter with a big machine gun that was apparently just for show rather than actually helping people. It was honestly one of those things that kind of ruined what had been a reasonably decent film up until that point.

Final Opinion: I like the zombies and the simple plot. Unfortunately, the ending keeps this film off of my favorites list.

My Grade: C


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