I'm Trying to Figure Out My Daughter's Skating Schedule For Next Year

The 2017 competitive season ended for my daughter in November. However, the 2018 season is just around the corner with the registration deadline for the early competitions coming up in January.

This is always a little bit of a challenge each year because I want her to skate at enough of these to make it worth her while but also have a number of other factors that need to be considered.

1. Cost. Some competitions are more expensive than others. For example, one of the ones we are considering this year will run about $115 for entry fees (and that doesn't include what we have to pay her coach).

2. Travel time. I try to keep the competitions within a reasonable driving distance because, with all the other expenses, I would prefer to avoid paying for a hotel too. In addition to finding events that are close enough to home to drive there and back in one day, I also have to consider weather. This is, after all, Wisconsin and driving on snowy roads early/late in the year is to be expected.

3. The level of competition. One of the reasons why we are considering the competition I mentioned in item 1 is the competition we normally sign her up for (held the same day) usually has the same skaters she faces every year. I (along with her coach) like to challenge her and the bigger event (albeit more expensive and about an hour drive versus 15 minutes) would do that.

4. The other things on our schedule. Her sister is on a dance team and has her own competitions this spring so, when looking at her skating schedule, that has to be taken into consideration. We also have to consider her school activities as well. A year ago, for example, we had to cross one competition off her schedule because she wanted to give the drama club a try and the school play she helped with was the same weekend.

So, yeah, being a parent can sometimes be kind of hard.


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