I Woke Up This Morning (A Poem)

I woke up this morning
With Hark the Herald Angels Sing in my head.
And, for the first time in a while,
I didn't mind getting out of bed.
In the air, I can just feel it.
A spirit of festiveness.
As everyone around me prepares to celebrate
And remember all the things with which they have been blessed.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Our past transgressions are temporarily forgiven.
The idea of putting others first comes to the front.
Sure, we may still have all our problems a week from now.
But, for a short while at least, 
Peace on Earth is what everyone wants.
Yes, Christmas is upon us.
Our trees and homes, with decorations we are adorning.
I'm a bit sad it only comes once per year.
Because it sure made me glad I woke up this morning.


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