I Think the Office Furnace Died Again

I've been in the office all day today and I have yet to hear the furnace run once. I checked the thermostat in the hallway. It's set for 68-degrees. The temp is 64-degrees. So, even though it was just fixed a couple weeks ago, I think it might be having another problem.

Fortunately, other than that wind, it's not overly cold outside so, while a little cool, the office should be relatively tolerable for a day or two. But, with really cold temps coming later this week, it might be time to have the landlord get someone out here to fix it again.


  1. Jeez, must not have been a very good fix, it it's broken again that quick, hope they can get it fixed before you freeze

  2. I'm only planning on being in the office a half day tomorrow and Friday so, as long as the cold weather holds off until Friday afternoon, I'll be fine. It'll give them time to fix it properly this time (or replace it, as they really should do).


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