I Had a Simpson's Moment the Other Evening

As I mentioned in another post, I (along with my wife and kids) ended up being part of Beaver Dam's holiday parade Saturday evening. Since I was the winner of the "I Love Beaver Dam" photo contest, I was invited to ride with the mayor toward the front of the parade (just behind the color guard).

The parade started downtown then turned onto some side streets (so it could loop around and end where it started). This created an interesting contrast because, while the downtown area was well-lit, the side streets were dark and, if I wasn't familiar with the area, maybe even a little creepy.

As we turned onto one of those streets, I ended up having a Simpson's flashback and remembered one of their parades starting out well then, due to poor planning, ending up in Bum Town.

I had a bit of a chuckle from this but decided to keep it to myself since I wasn't sure if the mayor would have the same sense of humor I do.


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