Wisconsin is Looking to Remove the Hunting Age Restriction

I was reading about this earlier this morning (as well as some of the comments made by others reading the article) and honestly couldn't help but roll my eyes a bit.

Now, let me make this perfectly clear to start. I'm not opposing the bill (or supporting it for that matter). In fact, I think some of the people who are in a full-scale panic over it aren't really thinking things through too much. After all, I doubt you'll see many 3-year-old kids who can even lift a gun, let along aim one. Not to mention there's that whole "you shot Bambi" stage every child goes through.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

In my honest opinion, this law will only result in one thing, parents registering their toddlers just so they can get another deer tag they can use. And, I would be very skeptical if someone claimed their young child was the one who shot that 10-point buck.

That being said, this effort to eliminate the age limit does make me question our society's priorities (especially in lieu of all the gun violence the past couple of months). Basically, if this law passes, my 8-year-old daughter would be allowed to use a deadly weapon that would likely knock her over the first time she fired it. Yet, a couple days ago, my wife was carded when she attempted to buy a bottle of Wite-Out. Something about that  just seems wrong.


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