My Favorite Holiday Scene

I'm making sure to record A Charlie Brown Christmas when it is on TV tonight, though we probably won't get a chance to watch it until this weekend. It's something I try to do every year (I really should just get it on DVD or something) because it is still one of the few movies that, even as an adult, puts me in the Christmas spirit.

My personal favorite from this cartoon is Linus reciting Luke 2:8-14. This has become even more so the past couple of years after having something very subtle but also very clever pointed out to me.

Throughout the cartoon, a big deal is made about Linus and his security blanket and how he refuses to let go of it. Yet, when he recites his monologue he casually drops it on the ground as he says "fear not," as though saying he doesn't need his blanket to protect him because Christ is. It's an awesome moment and one that I make sure to remind my kids about every time we watch this now.


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