Movie Review: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Synopsis: Six years after Michael Myers and his niece, Jamie Lloyd, disappeared following Myers' latest attack on Haddonfield, Jamie, along with her new-born son, escape the cult that abducted her. However, Myers isn't far behind and, after killing his niece, begins searching for the child, who is the last of his bloodline.

Who's in it? The movie stars Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Mitchell Ryan, Marianne Hagan and Kim Darby.

Review: Even though I was less than impressed with Halloween 5 when we watched it a couple nights ago, my wife and I ended up watching this film last night, mostly because we were hoping to get an explanation for some of the loose ends from the previous film.

Since Halloween 5 was pretty bad, my expectations for this film weren't very high. I'm sorry to say this movie still failed to meet those expectations.

One of the biggest problems with movies that have multiple sequels is you will eventually have enough character turnover to keep the film from even remotely resembling the original. That was definitely the case with this film.

Dr. Loomis (Pleasence) was the only familiar face in this installment (and, no, I don't count the movie's weak attempt to bring back a secondary character from the original film using a completely different actor). That maybe would have been enough. But, he was essentially a minor character in this film with no real screen time. Then, when he was in a scene, he almost seemed to be phoning it in.

I also found I absolutely hated the whole cult theme of the movie, especially the part about them being behind Myers' killing sprees. Not only does that diminish a major horror movie villain, it made the plot overly complicated. And, as I've said before, horror movies are much more entertaining when the plots are kept simple.

The ending to this movie also seemed very choppy. I know, from reading about this movie, there were some editing issues related to Pleasence passing away before the film was finished. But, even with that in mind, the ending just seemed rushed and lazy, leaving me very unsatisfied with the end result.

Final Opinion: I can't say I was surprised. But, much like the film that preceded it, this movie just wasn't worth watching. If you haven't seen it, you didn't miss anything.

My Grade: F


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