Movie Review: Don't Kill It (2016)

Synopsis: A demon hunter travels to Mississippi in an effort to recapture a newly-escaped homicidal demon that survives by possessing whoever killed its previous host.

Who's in it? The movie stars Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe, Tony Bentley, James Chalke and Miles Doleac.

Review: My wife and I had an opportunity to watch a movie last night but, since it was already starting to get late, I needed to pick one that wasn't overly long. As a result, I ended up going with this film, which I had come across on Netflix and thought looked interesting.

Since I knew it was a low-budget film, I wasn't really expecting all that much from this movie. Unfortunately, even with those lowered expectations, I found I wasn't overly impressed with this film.

I will start out by saying there were a couple things I did like about this film. For one, I liked the fact the demon couldn't get killed and would only continue to possess people until someone was willing to sacrifice themselves to stop it.

I also found I liked Dolph Lundgren in the starring role. He kept his character light-hearted and likable throughout the film, making me actually care about whether or not the demon hunter would survive.

My biggest problem with this film is I really didn't feel it was overly original. A lot of the concepts from this film reminded me a lot of the show Supernatural and I couldn't help but wonder if the writers were influenced by that series. Even the demon's ability to jump from body to body seemed strangely familiar, though I'm not sure which movie or TV show I'm thinking of (except maybe for The Thing).

Also, while Lundgren's hunter character was interesting, I really didn't feel the same way about his supporting cast. The other characters in this movie were somewhat bland with little or no backstory and zero personality. This includes his FBI partner (Klebe), who was supposedly descended from angels but never actually did anything that made that revelation even remotely interesting, and the local pastor (Chalke), who seemed like he was supposed to have more of a role than he actually did.

Final Opinion: It wasn't a terrible movie. But, it also wasn't as good as it first sounded. Lundgren was probably the main highlight of the film (and that's something I thought I would never say) and there just isn't enough to make this movie memorable, especially since Supernatural is still on TV.

My Grade: C


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