Movie Review: Dog Soldiers (2002)

Synopsis: A squad of British soldiers are participating in a training mission in the Scottish Highlands when they encounter a pack of werewolves. Desperate to survive the night, they take refuge in a farmhouse in an effort to defend themselves against their supernatural assailants.

Who's in it? The movie stars Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby, Darren Morfitt and Liam Cunningham.

Review: I have had other opportunities to watch this film in the past but pretty much found reasons to decline, mostly because werewolf movies rarely live up to the hype. However, I noticed Sean Pertwee was in it and, since I do like him on the show Gotham, I decided to give the film a try. Unfortunately, it just didn't win me over.

I'll start out by saying there were a couple things I found I liked about this film. One of the big ones was it didn't make me wait an eternity before the action started. We got a brief introduction of the main characters and, a short time later, their lives were in danger. Considering most movies get a little bogged down (especially in the beginning) with character introductions and backstories, this was appreciated.

However, while there were things I liked about this movie, there were plenty I found I wasn't a huge fan of. This included the werewolves themselves, mostly because the decision to have them be human-like but with wolf heads just made them look kind of fake and not overly scary as a result (the costumes looked like something I would expect to see in a 70s horror film rather than something made much more recently).

I also thought the overall plot was a bit predictable. I knew there was something odd about the house they were hiding out in and, once that was realized, it wasn't overly difficult to figure out the person who led them there wasn't who they seemed to be. Since this movie depended heavily on surprise, the fact it was this predictable did take something away from it.

Final Opinion: It wasn't the worst movie I've ever watched. But, it also really didn't exceed my lowered expectations and it never really reached its full potential.

My Grade: C


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