Movie Review: Clown (2014)

Synopsis: A realtor discovers an old clown suit and decides to wear it for his son's birthday party. There's just one problem, the suit is cursed and, in addition to not being able to remove it, he is slowly being turned into a child-eating monster.

Who's in it? The movie stars Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare, Christian DiStefano and Chuck Shamata.

Review: This movie has been on Netflix for some time and, while I have considered watching it in the past, I usually ended up picking out a different movie instead. And, when my wife and I finally sat down to watch it last night, I honestly had some doubts about it. However, as it turns out, it was actually a pretty decent film.

The movie wasn't quite as scary as I prefer horror movies to be and, because of that, I won't say it was the best clown-themed horror film I've ever seen. But, the movie did have quite a few things going for it.

One thing, in particular, I found I liked about this movie was the way it gradually changed the overall mood. When it first starts out, it is almost comical as Kent (Powers) is forced to go through his normal routine dressed as a clown because he can't find a way to remove the suit, nose, hair, etc. Then, as the movie progresses, it becomes much more serious, especially when he starts turning into a monster and we learn the only way he can survive his ordeal is by eating five children.

Another thing that really helps this film is Kent was actually pretty likable. His father-in-law (Shamata) apparently doesn't think to highly of him (for reasons that aren't really explained), but he seems to be a devoted husband and a pretty cool dad. As a result of this, while the suit makes him do terrible things and the only way to save him is by letting him devour children, you almost want to see that happen because his only other choice is decapitation.

One character that really stood out for me in this movie was his wife (Allen). She was facing an impossible situation and, while she seemed like a person who would prefer to do the right thing, there were times when she also seemed willing to cross a line and make a morally-compromising decision to save her man. Because of that, when she had to choose between him and their son, her decision wasn't as clear as it might normally be in a movie like this.

Final Opinion: It's obviously not a Hollywood blockbuster and, as I said before, it wasn't the best movie I've watched. But, it stilled turned out to be an interesting film and I enjoyed watching it as a result.

My Grade: B


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