What Did I Get Myself Into?

As I mentioned before, when I volunteered to help organize the upcoming Halloween open skate at our skating rink, I knew I was stepping outside my comfort level by becoming one of those parents who spends time working with other parents to organize something like this. I didn't realize this might be more than I was even expecting.

The event is fast approaching (3 days) and I'm helping get all the last-second things done. This includes, potentially, volunteering to be the DJ for the event.

Keep in mind, I have a very dated taste in music (basically, with very few exceptions, anything recorded after 1989 is crap). But, I do have a Pandora account and, with nobody stepping up to fill that role, that might wind up being what gets me the job. So, just in case, I'm starting to compile a Halloween play list now so I don't have to scramble to figure one out later.


  1. Oh wow, well good luck with that, I'm sure you'll do fine....


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