Well, Look at That, I'm One of "Those" Parents Now

Even though my daughters are both involved with sports (dance and figure skating), I've never been one of "those" parents who spends a great amount of time volunteering.

Sure, I'll pitch in when asked and will fill in my required volunteer hours at the concession stand, etc. But, I've never been overly interested in doing anything beyond that.

This is largely because I'm not a person who is overly social and have never been enthused about spending extra time with people I probably would never interact with if our kids weren't in the same sport. Not to mention, I'm also horrible with remembering names (my wife is the one who does that), something that can lead to some awkward situations.

I am, however, making an effort to change that. And, I started this month by volunteering to help organize the annual Halloween Open Skate at the ice rink on October 28.

To be honest, I'm still undecided about this new role. I'm definitely outside my comfort zone, especially since I also happen to be the only dad who is doing this, the rest of the volunteers are women. But, I'm not hiding in a corner either. I've already offered to write the press release for the event and have presented a couple well-received ideas.

Who knows, if this is a success, maybe I'll get enough of a sense of pride to keep doing this.


  1. That's great Steve! Even tho I know how hard it is I know that you can do it! You are very smart & I know you will do a great job! Congrats!


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