Thoughts From the Kindred Spirits Episode "The Strangler"

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a house after the family reports paranormal activity that is scaring their three kids. The ghost, they claim, has even attempted to strangle their sons while they were sleeping.

The episode first aired October 13th (I finally got around to watching it last night).

My Thoughts:

1. Perhaps it's just me. But, if I were investigating alleged paranormal activity at a house and the homeowners told me they found a grave stone buried in their back yard, I would most likely use that as a starting point before investigating other theories. The theory it might be her deceased brother was plausible but a longshot at best (why would he strangle his nephews?). The idea the ghost might be connected to a 19th-century bank robbery and murder was just grasping at straws. Neither seemed more likely than the person who the grave stone belonged to.

2. Speaking of the grave stone, I try not to judge people I don't know but I must admit, the previous homeowner made that difficult. Granted, she didn't steal the stone right from the grave (as I'm sure plenty of people thought). However, upon discovering the piece of slab she stole from a pile of rubble was actually someone's grave marker, she made no effort to return it to the cemetery or contact the deceased person's relatives. Instead, she just buried it so her dogs couldn't dig under the fence? That's just cold.

3. I'm glad Amy made an effort to debunk the strangulation story. When I heard it, it sounded a little made up and I think, personally, I would be questioning whether or not the kids were just coached to say that to make the ghost story seem more menacing. She, however, found a way of explaining it away (sleep paralysis) without having to accuse her clients of lying to her. So I'll give her a point for that one.

4. I'm not a fan of that spirit box thing her and Adam did. I like hard evidence when watching a show like this, mostly because I don't want to think I might be getting conned. Having her repeat a couple random words we can't hear while she supposedly can't hear the questions Adam is asking (how do we know she can't hear him?) doesn't really qualify. Maybe the ghost told them how long their clients were married. Or, maybe they just looked it up.

5. I don't know if my TVs sound quality is just that bad or if there's another reason, but I still can't hear what they are hearing when they listen to their recordings. They hear voices and words. I hear noises that don't sound like anything other than a grunt. This is why I still have a hard time being convinced if I don't actually see an apparition (not just a shadow that could be anything) on film. If the family claims to have seen a man wearing 1940s clothing, shouldn't I be able to see it too?

Final Opinion: It was an OK investigation. But, I really feel as though they made a mistake when they didn't just focus on the grave stone from the beginning. If I put my skepticism aside for a moment and pretend I believe in ghosts 100 percent, I can't help but wonder how much more they could have found out about that spirit had they made it the focus of the investigation from the start instead of chasing wild theories.

My Grade: C


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