Thoughts from the Kindred Spirits Episode "Home Sweet Holmes"

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a home believed to be the childhood home of author Mary Jane Holmes and discover evidence that may link the spiritual activity to a brutal triple homicide that occurred nearby.

My Thoughts:

1. Even though the skeptic in me always wants to look for a remote control, I must admit, if I were sitting in a dark room and a teddy bear started talking seemingly on its own (as was the case in this episode), I would probably be out the door before it stopped.

2. I'm willing to give Amy and Adam the benefit of the doubt with the "spirit" they captured above the bed. But, I am curious why the homeowners always report being able to see the ghost so clearly, they can identify it in a picture when the "ghosts" captured on camera are always so hard to see.

3. This is especially true of the child ghost they captured which, once again, I just couldn't see. All I saw were the little dots they put on the camera.

4. Speaking of that child ghost, one thing my wife mentioned is the reason it (and other spirits) disappeared into the floor is maybe there used to be a staircase there. Since Amy discovered they weren't investigating the original house, it would have been great to get some information about what the previous home looked like on the inside to confirm something like that.

5. One thing I wish Amy and Adam would stop doing is researching the history of houses while they are still investigating. I know there are arguments for doing this. But, it would be much more believable (for me at least), if they have a spirit give them a name, such as Sarah, and, afterwards, they learn there really was a Sarah. When they know the potential names in advance, it's a little too easy to hear those names whenever they hear a grunt or some other sound. Again, it comes down to avoiding assumptions while conducting the investigation.

Final Opinion: It was one of the better investigations from the seasons, especially since some of their video footage was a little more believable. I'd give it a passing grade as a result.

My Grade: B


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