The Halloween Open Skate Was a Big Success

I was a little concerned last night because there were other things going on in the area (including trick-or-treating in a near-by city). But, the turnout for open skate was decent. We had roughly 170 skaters show up and, at $5/each, it ended up being a nice fundraiser for the ice rink.

It seems like everyone had a good time too. We only had three people ask for their money back because they couldn't find skates in their size (we always run out of certain sizes) but even they ended up sticking around to hang out with their friends.

As far as my volunteering went, I bounced around a little bit. I didn't need to be the DJ last night (though, as it turns out, I probably would have been a pretty good one considering the kid that took those duties picked out virtually every song I would have). Instead, after helping with decorating, I ended up at the admission table before taking over in the skate rental room (a job I hate, but we were short-handed and one of the other volunteers had to leave unexpectedly). My wife and kids pitched in at one point too so we didn't get home until almost 10. Needless to say, we were all pretty exhausted by that point.


  1. Glad that everything went well & that everyone had a good time


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