Movie Review: 976-EVIL (1988)

Synopsis: Smothered by his over-bearing mother, bullied by the other kids at school and envious of his much-more-popular cousin, teenager Hoax calls the number listed on a flyer and receives advice and supernatural powers that help him get his revenge.

Who's in it? The movie stars Stephen Geoffreys, Patrick O'Bryan, Sandy Dennis, Lezlie Dean and Maria Rubell.

Synopsis: I came across this film on one of our movie channels the other morning and, realizing it had been a long while since I took the time to watch it, I ended up recording it. My wife and I watched the movie this weekend and, overall, thought it was worth watching.

The film does start out a little slow and you do have to get through quite a few boring sequences as the movie establishes the main characters. However, once Hoax (Geoffeys) finds the Satanic phone number and becomes a regular caller, it becomes entertaining.

Geoffreys does an excellent job in his role. While Hoax starts out a bit fragile and pathetic, he also had a little bit of a creepy vibe, especially the way he spied on his cousin, Spike (O'Bryan). As a result of this, it was much more believable when he started calling the mysterious number and began to grow increasingly insane.

There were also some scenes in this movie that were much more intense than I remembered. One of the most memorable had to be the scene involving a TV dinner (the old-fashioned ones that were wrapped in aluminium foil and had to be baked) and spiders. That one had my wife (who is terrified of spiders) on edge long after we watched it and was one of many things that made this movie much more fun to watch than I was honestly expecting.

Final Opinion: As I said before, the movie starts off a little slow. But, once it gets going, it does end up being an entertaining horror film. I do recommend taking the time to watch it if you haven't seen it before.

My Grade: A


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