I Really Wish the Packers Would Just Play a Game Already.

OK, I know that won't happen until Sunday. But, honestly, I'm getting a little burnt out on the non-stop analysis stemming from Aaron Rodgers injuring his throwing shoulder this past weekend and backup quarterback Brett Hundley making his first NFL start as a result.

I, personally, am not as concerned as some of my fellow Green Bay Packers fans. Sure, I'm sad to see Rodgers get hurt, especially since he was having an MVP-caliber season up until that point. But, I'm not freaking out about it too much either.

The last time Rodgers missed significant playing time, back in 2013 with a similar injury, Green Bay was nowhere near as prepared. His replacement, Seneca Wallace, was signed after the preseason and, when Wallace got hurt on the first series of his first Packers' start, he was replaced by a guy (Scott Tolzien) who also had literally been added to the roster that week.

Hundley, in comparison, is on his third year with the team. He has almost no playing time and will likely make some youthful mistakes. But, as long as the rest of the team steps up around him, he'll be fine. And, it's not like he's playing in a division that has a dominant team. Even if he only wins half of his games, they'll likely be in playoff contention.

My personal opinion is this upcoming week might be a bit ugly, largely because the team has a lot of injuries in other areas too, such as the offensive line and defensive secondary. But, if he can survive the full game (something Wallace did not do in his start), he'll have a week off and can make his second start with a team that is much healthier and more able to help him.

In the meantime, I guess I'll have to just learn to drown out the non-stop speculation.


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