I Didn't Want to Do it, But.....

The furnace is running this morning, for the first time this autumn.

I had hoped to hold off until at least the end of October. But, when I got up this morning, the thermostat had 66 degrees, meaning it was closer to 60 degrees in the living room and kitchen (there's usually a 5 or 6 degree difference from the back of the house to the front of it).

While that doesn't seem overly cold, it, combined with the damp weather we've been having, did make the house a little uncomfortable. I could have toughed it out and I'm sure my youngest daughter would have been OK too (the girl is still sleeping with a fan). But, my wife and other daughter likely would have caught a bad chill.

I'm just hoping out allergies don't flare up too badly. We didn't get a chance to vacuum out the vents yet and I'm sure the furnace is kicking out dust as a result.

I also hope our kitten, Mouse, calms down. It's his first time hearing the furnace running and I think it's freaking him out a little bit.


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