Unplug (A Poem)

Children walking in the street
Paying no attention to their surroundings.
Instead, they have their smart phones in hand
And they are focused, like zombies, on tiny screens.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Married couples use Facebook to air troubles
That would be easier to overcome if kept behind closed doors.
Knowing full well everyone with an opinion will use that platform to express it.
Even if their current situation
Is no better than theirs.
Hackers are making millions
Off the information they obtain through acts of piracy.
Seems like everything about you is stored in a computer somewhere
And we can no longer have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

News is spread almost instantaneously
But, not always with the correct facts.
Lives can be (and are) wrongfully destroyed in a matter of seconds
Even on the rare occasion someone apologizes and retracts.
Certain world leaders going to Twitter
With every comment and every insult they feel the need to publicly chime.
And, it really makes me wonder if World War Three
Will be started 140 characters at a time.

Maybe it’s time for the world to hit the reset button
Slow things down a bit, perhaps even as slow as a slug,
And acknowledge, with the way technology is being used today,
It might be time for everyone to take a moment and just unplug.


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