Thoughts from the Law & Order: SVU Episode "Gone Fishin'"

Synopsis: Fin (Ice-T) captures a fugitive rapist (Will Chase) in Cuba. However, his questionable tactics may result in an international incident and the rapist being set free. A misunderstanding with Noah (Ryan Buggle) leads to Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) being investigated for child abuse.

My Thoughts:

1. Olivia being accused of child abuse at the end of this episode wasn't that much of a surprise. The season 19 premiere pretty much set that up from the start, including having Noah make some comments (about wanting his Nanny as his mom) that has the potential to provoke a negative response. And, the second someone mentioned his bruises, it wasn't hard to figure out it was likely from her pulling him from out in front of that taxi.

2. I'm undecided about the whole child abuse investigation story line. However, I'm very disappointed by the decision to once again bring back Cassidy (Dean Winters) as the surprise from her past. I've never been a fan of him (starting from the early seasons), though the show was better without him and, yet, he keeps popping back up.

3. Of course, my big question with all of this is, how does he keep getting a job? His credibility is pretty much gone at this point but he keeps getting hired in roles that you would think would require a higher standard (this time, it's as an investigator for the District Attorney's office).

4. I'm also a little curious, is he the investigator assigned to her case? Or, is he just showing up to warn her? If it's the former, that really wouldn't make a lot of sense given their history. And, if its the latter, then why bother bringing him back? I sure hope is isn't as a love interest again.

5. Two things I fully expect to come up during the course of the investigation: 1. Her needing to see a therapist following her encounter with William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber). 2. Her drinking.

6. One thing I don't fully understand is, when she was told Noah had bruises and his teacher was indicating suspected abuse, why didn't she ask to see her son right away? She could have had the same conversation she had with him, with witnesses in the room, and been in the clear once he clarified his remarks about her hurting him. But, at minimum, as a parent myself, I find it odd she wouldn't want to check on his well-being as soon as she learned he was hurt enough to raise concern.

7. Of course, to be fair, his teacher could have mentioned Noah's "bruise" was actually a pretty noticeable hand print.

8. I had to laugh a bit at the hypocrisy coming from both Olivia and Barba (Raul Esparza) when criticizing Fin for bending the rules in order to get his capture. In this exact same episode, they decided to look the other way when their witness (Mariah Lee) pointed a gun at and threatened to kill an unarmed man. I understand she's a victim. But, I just don't see anything in that scenario that wasn't a crime.

Final Opinion: I think Fin was unjustly thrown under the bus in this episode and I'm not enthused about Cassidy's return. However, I will admit the main story about the rapist and him potentially being sent back to Cuba did prove to be entertaining enough to make the overall episode watchable.

My Grade: B


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