Thoughts From the Kindred Spirits Episode "The Executioner"

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry visit a New York home that once belonged to the state's first executioner, Edwin R. Davis because the home's current owner thinks there is a demonic spirit trying to kill him.

My Thoughts:

1. For all the talk about the dangers of amateur investigations, Amy and Adam sure made a bit amateur mistake of their own. They went into the house assuming the ghost they were trying to talk to was Edwin Davis rather than first doing their research to see who else might have lived in the home or going in with no assumptions at all.

2. The video of the homeowner, Jason, falling down those basement steps was inconclusive. To me at least, it looked like he stumbled. I saw nothing that convinced me he was pushed by an unseen entity. And, his claim he couldn't stumbling first could easily be explained by the fact he hit his head.

3. Also, as much as I tried to use my imagination watching Amy and Adam's video of those same steps, I just couldn't be convinced their "ghost" wasn't anything more than a glitch.

4. I'm still also struggling with their "voice" recordings. They keep hearing voices and even full sentences. I keep hearing grunts. This even continues to be the case when they tell me the words I'm supposed to be listening for. I just don't hear them.

5. There was one exception in this investigation though, when they record someone saying "A woman." I did hear that one. However, I interpreted it differently than they did. They thought the "spirit" was agreeing it was a woman. I, however, thought its answer sounded more like a question. In other words, I thought it was answering "a woman?" looking for clarification to the question they were asking it. And, since they came away from this investigation claiming there were two ghosts, the husband and wife, with one (not the one they recorded) having an obviously feminine voice, I think my interpretation of this is more accurate.

6. I'm always a little skeptical when they unveil a new technology on a show like this. But, I was admittedly a little bit intrigued with the recording device Adam revealed, the one that would allow them to detect where the sound was coming from. I was somewhat disappointed, however, when it really didn't have any sort of impact on the investigation. Maybe next time.

7. I'll give Amy and Adam some credit for making an effort to debunk the voice recording from the client. As I said before, investigations like this are more believable when they do that. I would, however, prefer to see them trying to do the same with their own evidence as well.

Final Opinion: Once they stopped trying to prove the ghost was someone famous, the investigation (and their findings) became a bit more plausible. I still, however, would prefer to see more conclusive evidence than what they've been providing.

My Grade: B


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