Thoughts From the Kindred Spirits Episode: The Legacy of Lizzie Borden

*Just a quick note: I meant to write this Saturday but, as is often the case, life happens and I just didn't get an opportunity to do so until today.

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden to help a tour guide who believes her grandparents are trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave and warn her about something.

My Thoughts:

1. Even though I appreciate the fact they at least tried to give the investigation a new twist (looking for the tour guide's grandparents rather than trying to find Lizzie or her alleged victims), the whole Lizzie Borden thing has been overdone. And, in all honesty, any paranormal investigation done at a tourist attraction just seems like the investigators are just providing paid publicity.

2. What ever happened to paranormal investigators trying to prove the existence of ghosts by first making an effort to debunk? Back when the show Ghost Hunters was all the rage, high emfs and uneasy feelings would usually be blamed on the electrical wiring in the basement (and there was a lot of it in this basement) instead of the unseen spirit hiding in a corner.

3. I tried, I really did, but I just could not see the shadow image the show was trying to highlight using that imaging camera and the little lines/dots. All I saw was the stick figure created by those lines and dots and a bunch of black behind it. If I didn't know any better, I would think they were trying to make me see something that wasn't there. At minimum, if you have to explain to me what I'm supposed to be seeing, then your evidence isn't very compelling.

4. This is kind of the same with the "voices" they recorded. All I heard were grunts, not words. And, again, they seemed to have changed the rules a bit with that part of the investigations too. In the past, you would see investigators purposely keep quiet about what they heard so they didn't plant words in the clients' heads. Now, Amy and Adam are basically telling the clients those grunts were words like "get out" and "let go."

5. Amy and Adam are both experienced investigators so why is it they never think to set up a camera so it shows the entire room, ESPECIALLY THE DOORS? Even if I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, it just seems odd that they wouldn't try to cover as much of the room as possible instead of just pointing the camera at the bed. Amy said it herself, doors opening/closing always seem to happen off camera. Maybe they should try to correct that going forward and point a camera at every single door in the house to be safe.

6. It's time to stop bringing Chip Coffey on the show. A series like this only really works if you have physical proof. A psychic claiming to sense spirits just doesn't do it for me. It also damages the show's credibility when he is providing the majority of the "evidence."

7. Was it just me or did Coffey telling the client to let her terminally-ill father die seem like a really awkward intervention? That was both bizarre and uncomfortable and honestly didn't win me over as far as the investigation is concerned. Let me get this straight, the tour guide's deceased grandparents teamed up with Lizzie's grumpy murdered father to tell her it was OK for her dad to die too? Four days later, I still feel unclean.

Final Opinion: My wife and I both love Amy and Adam as a team, which is the only reason we continue to give this show a chance. But, episodes like this one really have me wondering how much longer we will do that.

My Grade: D


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