The Kids Return to School Today

The first morning actually went better than expected. I fully expected my daughters (and their mother) to be dragging after being able to sleep in all summer. But, they were up, dressed and fed in a reasonable amount of time and I had our oldest daughter (who has to be at school before 7:30) out the door without a hassle. Now they just need to do this roughly 160 more times.

No significant changes for the girls this year. My youngest is still in elementary school and my oldest has one more year of middle school before moving up to the high school. They are on an alternate time schedule (they start earlier and end later) because of some construction at the high school. But, it's the same schedule they were on last year so they are used to it already.

Probably the only real major change is one my wife and I plan on making, they will be taking a bagged lunch much more often this year.

This is because they, once again, raised the price of school lunch and it is now nearly $3. This may not seem like a lot. But, when you double that (two kids =$6), it is much more cost efficient to buy in bulk and pack their lunches, especially when you consider they only get 20 minutes to eat and, after standing in line for a chunk of that, don't always get time to finish their food.

Not to mention I can normally prepare a family meal (with leftovers) for less than $10. This makes me wonder just how much of that $3 price is the result of inefficiency.


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