Review of Paws Happy Life Cat Food

We have two cats in our house and they seem to go through a ton of cat food, to the point I feel like I'm constantly having to buy more. Adding to this is the fact my cats are apparently very picky about the food they eat and, even though they will occasionally eat Friskies canned food (my preference because it is cheaper and comes in bigger cans), they aren't overly thrilled with it and, instead, seem to have a preference for Fancy Feast (which is, of course, more expensive and comes in smaller cans).

Having been a cat parent long enough to know the whole "let them go hungry until they eat it" trick doesn't work, at least if I don't want my cats keeping me up all night or getting on the counters/in the garbage, I have mostly just given up and purchased the more expensive cans of food for them. However, when I was at the grocery store last night (once again, for the sole purpose of buying cat food), I noticed the store added this brand to the shelf.

This is actually not a brand I'm overly familiar with. I've heard of it, but I didn't know too much about it and, mostly because none of our stores carried it until now, had never purchased it before. And, since I knew it would be a risk (again, because of the picky cats), I had to give it some consideration before purchasing it. Ultimately, the fact a case of 24 cans was $2 less than it would have cost me for Fancy Feast and the cans looked about the same (I was hoping the cats couldn't read), I decided to pull the trigger on it.

I gave the cats their first couple of cans last night and, so far, I'm very impressed with this product.

First of all, at least from what I experienced opening the cans, I think this cat food is made with reasonably decent ingredients. No, I didn't taste test it. But, when I opened the cans, I wasn't overwhelmed by the same rancid smell I've experienced from other brands (including some well-known) of canned cat food my cats have turned their noses up to. Instead, the food, which contained fish, had a reasonable aroma to it that didn't make it seem like it had sat on a shelf for several months before being opened.

Secondly, and more importantly, my cats seem to love the food just as much as they love the Fancy Feast brand. At first, I wasn't sure if that would be the case because our older cat, Echo, sniffed at it and looked as though he would walk away from it. But, him and his younger brother, Mouse, ended up gulping the food down. It was the same when I fed them this morning too.

My only real complaint about this product, so far at least, is I can't find individual cans of it. Instead, at least at the one store that carries it, I have to buy it by the case. This isn't a huge deal most of the time. After all, as I said, the cats go through a lot of food. But, I'm sure there will be varieties they will like better than others and being able to pick out individual cans would be a big help with that.

Despite this, I couldn't be happier to have found this brand being sold, even if it is by the case only, locally. It's another brand my cats seem to love and, at very least,  it'll allow me to save a couple dollars each time I purchase it.

My Grade: A


  1. I had to laugh when I read this because I just bought this exact same food the other day for Catarina...she is also very fussy (along with the others, but her especially) adding to the fact of fussiness is that none of them will eat pate cat food, they never have & they never will....& like you said, the leave it there until they eat it routine does not work on them either...they will continue to be a pest until they get what they like lol so I decided to try this brand (for Cat alone) & she really likes it (she unlike yours, does not like Fancy Feast or any of the other high priced foods) but I had to make sure it wasn't the pate kind...I bought 3 cans, 3 different flavors & so far she has eaten them both...good luck with your guys, hope they continue to like this kind & I hope that the stores up there will start carrying other flavors & single cans...they do here...

    1. I find this brand in my love al king kullen. Much less of it since pandemic n I too need the big cans as we have 10 cats

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  6. Paws contains salt which is even worse than food containing sugar. Eating food that contains salt will risk your cat developing renal malfunction. My previous cat died from that and I fed him similar type of low quality supermarket cat food. I didn't know back then but now I know cat food should have high meat content (at least 40% I'd say), absolutely no salt or sugar, no wheat, no artificial flavourings (which Paws also has).

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