Little Turtle

When I first saw this little guy (or girl) while on my walk at lunch today, I thought it was dead. I walked right up on it and it didn't budge. However, when I (gently) tapped it with my foot and its head moved, I was able to confirm it was still alive. It must have just been too young to know better than to scurry away from a human.

I was able to get some photos of it and then left it alone to figure out its path on its own. I didn't have a quarter (or any other change) with me so I included a photo of the turtle next to my keys for scale.


  1. Oh wow!!!! Sheesh, I really didn't think he was that small! Thanks for the comparison to show just exactly how small he really is....I hope that he was alright & got to wherever he was going....Love this pic


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