I Cleaned the Litter Boxes Today

The girls do a decent job of keeping them scooped and changing the litter on a relatively routine basis. But, it's amazing just how awful they still manage to get.

I decided to help them out a couple days ago and, while I was scooping the litter, the ammonia smell made my eyes water. So, after mowing the lawn, I decided to take them outside, empty them and pressure wash them with the hose.

Wow, what a mess. We recently bought Fresh Step cat litter because it was on sale at Costco. I'll never do that again (I just threw the remainder of it in the garbage). It didn't absorb anything and there was a thick layer of gross stuff on the bottom of each of their litter boxes. It took me a good 20 minutes to get all that gunk off of them.

So, now, the cats have clean litter boxes with their regular cat litter in them. I've already noticed the laundry room doesn't stink nearly as much as a result. Guess I'll have to plan on doing that more often.


  1. I also use to use Fresh Step but I soon switched to a new clumpable litter instead, because of having 5 cats & 2 litter pans, I have to clean them all the time...(there is also a litter pan out on the porch for when they are out there)


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