Full Day Planned Today

We are going to have a family day (of sorts) today.

First, we plan on going to the annual Beaver Dam Pepper Festival, which, of course, honors the legendary Beaver Dam Pepper. I'm not sure how long we'll spend there though. Most of the event is people trying to sell you something and I'm not too interested in that part of it.

This afternoon, we are going to watch the Nation of Patriots as they officially end their annual tour of the continental United States here (where the tour starts) with a large motorcycle parade through town. I'll try to get photos and post them later.

Later on, I plan on taking the family out to dinner at the town's only Italian restaurant. We don't eat there too often. But, I figure it's worth rewarding the family for surviving their first week of school (including my wife, who works for the food service vendor). Plus, I bought the gift cards as part of a fundraiser for my daughter's ice skating.


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