We Started Watching the Show "The Sinner" Last Night

So far, I'm a bit undecided about it. The premise, at least from the previews, looked interesting and it definitely has some recognizable names on its cast list. But, after watching the premiere, I admittedly wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be.

In fact, I think I might have already solved the mystery behind her seemingly-random killing. My theory (and, so far, the show seems to be backing this up) is her victim raped her several years earlier, back when he was in college and playing for a band.

Since Cora (Jessica Biel) was raised by a strict religious family, she felt guilty over the rape and it ultimately became a repressed memory (and is likely the reason she needs pills to sleep). Then, when she heard his song, it triggered just enough of that memory to make her think he was trying to rape someone else.

I came up with this theory about 2 minutes after the stabbing so, ultimately, I think my overall opinion of the show is going to come down to whether I'm right or not. If I am, then the mystery was too weak. But, if there's another twist, then I'll gain some respect for it.

One character I am finding I do like in this series regardless is Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), mostly because the detective seems like he has an interesting backstory himself, especially with his apparent obsession with nature being in balance. I hope the show tries to give us a little more of a glimpse into his past going forward.


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