That's a lot of Cherry Tomatoes

I haven't picked them in a couple of days and, since I took the day off from work, I decided to get caught up.

I've been doing a good job keeping the cherry tomatoes eaten (I take them to the office with me as an all-day snack). But, this time around, I might have to share. A lot of these are really ripe and I just don't think I can get through them all by myself.

In addition to the cherry tomatoes, I also managed to get about a half-quart of green beans, another bowl of Roma tomatoes (I've been giving those to my parents so they can include them when they are canning) and, for the first time ever, some potatoes (I'm not regretting not planting more hills).

Sadly, I think the gardening season is going to end early this year. The plants are already turning brown so, before too long, I'm going to be forced to just pull everything up and prep the garden for winter.


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