I Nearly Killed My Wife Tonight

OK, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration. But, at least for a few seconds, it sure seemed that way.

Since it is kind of cold out today (almost fall-like), I decided to make chili for dinner. And, since I had some chili peppers from my garden, I figured I would cut them up and add them to the chili.

Before putting them in the chili, I asked my wife if she wanted to try a piece. This was not meant to be a cruel prank or anything like that. I had just tried one myself and, while it had a pretty nice-sized kick, I didn't think it was anything that was too spicy and figured she might want to sample it before it went in the chili.

Well, she put a small piece in her mouth and, the second it hit her tongue, she started coughing from the spiciness. The next thing I knew, her head was under the faucet as she was trying to drink water as fast as she could. If I weren't concerned about her, it would have been almost comical. I think the only thing missing was smoke coming from her ears.

Fortunately, after having some milk, her mouth cooled down and she was OK. But, after seeing her reaction, I decided not to put all the diced peppers in the chili. I just added a few pieces and put the rest in the fridge.


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