Family Walk Photos 8/8/2017

I took the day off from work today so my wife could get her hair done (an early birthday present from me). As part of that day, I took my daughters to the park with me for my lunchtime walk.

My original plan was to give my youngest daughter my camera and let her take the photos for me. But, she decided she didn't want to take photos (she couldn't figure out my camera) so I ended up taking them instead.

I think the most memorable thing about the walk was the severed rabbit head we found (I didn't take a photo), probably the victim of some predator. In addition to that, there were a ton of frogs and both girls sent a good chunk of time trying to pet one (a lot harder than it sounds).

Here are some of the photos I took:


  1. Again I must say how much I love the pictures! Wish we had something decent to take pix of here...


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