Celebrating Another Birthday Today

This time, it's my wife's birthday being celebrated, making it the fourth one in just over a month. And, this is why I'm sick of birthday cake by the time my birthday comes around in September.

I'm honestly not 100 percent sure what we are going to do for her yet, mostly because we usually attend the fair as part of the celebration and that doesn't start until tomorrow. I did, however, take the day off from work (something that always gives me a feeling of dread because I pretty much expect to come back to some sort of crisis) so the girls and I can hang out and she can have some time to herself/use the various birthday coupons she received.

Later, I'll probably take her out for dinner then stop at my parents' house because my mom planned on getting the cake. I'm still undecided if it will be just the two of us for dinner (something that gives us more of a selection of restaurants) or take the kids with too. I guess it'll depend a lot on how the kids are behaving.


  1. No matter what you guys decide on doing, I hope that you have a wonderful time...


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