Today Was a Day of Disappointments and Comps

Well, I had no complaints about my new 2017 Chevy Cruze until today. When I leased the car, it was with the understanding it had satellite radio. As it turns out, the car doesn't have that capability.

To be clear, I don't believe I was intentionally misled. I talked to the dealership's general manager today and it sounds like he and everyone on his staff was under the impression it was a standard feature and were just as surprised as I was. Plus, when I talked to Sirius XM (to cancel) they did confirm it is very rare to see a new car not have that option.

Unfortunately, the paperwork is already signed and there is no fix to the problem. The only solution they could offer is purchasing a portable radio (which they offered to reimburse me for) and plugging it in via my USB port. But, I figure, if I'm going to have to do that, I might as well just use the Pandora app on my phone.

I did get something else from the dealer. Since I was given the wrong information and they can't fix the problem, I'm getting some extra free oil changes instead. I do think that's a fair deal considering it normally costs about $80 per change.

Then, tonight, I decided to just order pizza and pick it up on my way home. Normally, the restaurant I ordered from offers decent service and I really expected to be able to pick it up without a hassle. However, when I got there, the pizza wasn't ready yet and, 20 minutes later, I was still waiting and it was becoming apparent they either forgot to make my pizza or (more likely) gave it to the wrong person.

40 minutes later, I finally got my pizza (I would have just left, but I already paid for it). But, because I waited that long, I ended up getting a coupon for a free pizza the next time I order. And, I'm willing to give them another chance, but I think I'm going to avoid ordering pizza on a Friday evening next time (I knew I should have just made fish).


  1. Wow..what a let down on both cases! But I'm glad to hear that ya did get something for the problems


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