The Devil Made Me Do It (A Poem)

I woke up this past Sunday and, instead of getting up and going to church,
I pulled the covers back up over my head.
I had planned on going, honest.
I just felt so comfortable and warm in my bed.
And, I know that’s a lousy excuse
For not seeing my church family and hearing words of wisdom from the pulpit.
All I can say is,
The Devil made me do it.
A couple days ago, I found money some money
It was just laying there on the ground.
I looked to the left and the right
Then picked it up because I didn’t see anyone else around.
A short while later, I saw someone with a charity collection box
I decided not to share my newly-found wealth, not a single bit.
Later, I decided the only explanation for my greed
Was the Devil made me do it.
*Photo courtesy of Pixabay

A short while ago, I saw a man begging for money on the street.
I didn’t give him a second thought and made sure our eyes never met.
After all, he doesn’t really need to beg
He just doesn’t want to get a job, I bet.
Sure, I could have shown him some kindness
But, that day, that was something my heart wouldn’t permit.
And, it was all because
The Devil made me do it.
This morning, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror
And found myself disappointed in the man staring back at me.
I found myself feeling guilty
For all the things I did so unapologetically.
So, this next Sunday, I will be going to church.
I will use that time to reflect, confess and ask forgiveness for the sins I chose to commit.
And, do you want to know why?

Because the Devil is making me do it.


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