Review of Great Value Shrimp Poppers

When my wife picked up fish for Friday evening's dinner, I asked her to pick up some shrimp to go with it. This is the product she ended up bringing home.

She made this purchase mostly because it was the lowest-priced option. As it turns out, unlike the frozen fish fillets she also purchased from this brand, it was a good purchase overall.

One of the things I liked about this product right away is I could make the shrimp poppers in the oven. A lot of other brands only have directions for frying and that's not always the most convenient way to make them. Being able to throw them in the oven (along with the other fish we were making) meant I didn't have to spend as much time in the kitchen.

The shrimp came out the way I prefer it. It was crispy, but not crispy to the point I couldn't chew them. The breading also had a decent flavor to it, something that isn't always the case with lower-priced products like this.

The shrimp also proved to be very filling which, while this wasn't a huge deal this time around (nobody was very hungry, I guess), is something that is important most of the time, when we usually go through fish dinners relatively quickly. Given the fact this item was already affordable, being able to get another meal out of one box only adds to the overall value.

As a result of this, even though I'm hesitant to recommend other frozen fish products from this brand, this is on that I do think is worth buying, especially if you're looking to save some money.

My Grade: A


  1. These have seriously changed. They are now horrible! Filled with a shrimpy goo. No solid shrimp anymore.


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